Valentines Day Gift Ideas & Quotes For 2016

Honesty is more than a verb or a mere word used to describe one’s character. It is not an accomplishment to list on a resume. It certainly is not one single good deed.

Honesty is a chosen path, a purposeful way to live your life, something you conscientiously do every single day. You not only have to live an honest life you have to accept honesty.

You have to listen and hear the honesty and the truth in your partners words and accept them as such.1a-I have always known that I can’t fight the truth. I prefer blatant honesty over half-truths or B.S. any day of the week.

I would rather know than not know. I like to know where I stand so I know where I’m going and what I’m doing. I know how to resolve an issue (if necessary).


Truth is strength.1b-If one partner doesn’t know what is going on with their partner, if they feel their partner is holding back information, if they feel they are excluded from any part of their partners life, this will create doubt and insecurity which leads to frustration, anger and the loss of trust. Having to second guess your partner is unfair. Be fair with and to each other.2. Listen to your partner: Accept honesty and the truth from your partner and focus on her valentines day ideas. Even if it’s something you don’t like or agree with, the truth is the truth and maybe you just need time to see their point through their eyes — which is usually the case.3. Don’t complicate your partnership. Don’t tell your partner what you think they want to hear. Don’t withhold information from your partner because you feel you are doing it in their best interest. Withheld  information isn’t honest nor is it truthful (at least from your partner’s point of view). Besides, they always find out eventually and learning second-hand information about your partner is an arrow through the heart.

Secrets create doubt. That’s complicating your relationship. Don’t do it.4. Be trustworthy. Your partner’s trust is an earned privilege. No one should expect to be trusted if they act in a less than trustworthy way.

Without trust there is no relationship.5. Never allow anyone else to be in a place that is equal to or is more powerful than your partner. Keep each other on a pedestal always.6. Respect each other in every way. Make decisions based on this respect for your partner. It will simplify your life.

Aretha really did know what she was talking about!7. Always remember your partner is on your side. Always. Keeping this in mind, never begin a conversation believing otherwise.8. Listening (again) There is something called active listening. Active listening to your partner during a discussion.

This is different then a normal discussion. When two people are conversing — it’s a back and forth process with both of you contributing — sometimes at the same time. Actively listening is when your partner tells you he or she has something to talk to you about. Which translates to your partner needs to tell you something and you need to listen. When your partner has something to talk to you about (and it’s up to them make sure you understand this) it’s important for you to listen with your mouth kept shut and have a deep look on valentines day quotes, a smile on your face and no interruptions. No matter what is being said, listen, learn and if you don’t agree, think about it before making waves. I struggle with this to date.9. No negativity, please!  Keep negativity and negative people out of your relationship. Choose happiness instead.10. Be Specific.

No one can read minds. If you have something to say to your partner, say it. When you speak from your heart, speak up and speak clearly. Don’t begin a sentence and stop mid-way through finishing it with a “never-mind”.

Especially when the answer to “never-mind” is silence. Finish your sentence, ask the question, complete the thought. Half sentences do not resolve a thing and have no place in a conversation about truth. Not if you expect to be heard (and understood).11. Be Aware.  We are human and we make mistakes. A big mistake one partner can make is to step outside of the relationship.

Stepping or acting outside of one’s relationship is unacceptable. If one partner does not follow one or more of The Rules, the relationship suffers.

Breaking a rule is like finding a spot of rust on your car. If you don’t stop to fix it, as soon as you see it, the rust will eat through the entire vehicle and your car will be destroyed. It doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen.12. Stop, Talk, Apologize.

It happens unfortunately! And when it does, as soon as you realize you have broken one (or more) of The Rules — Stop, Talk, Apologize – immediately. Stop what you are doing, talk to your partner and apologize as soon as it is humanly possible.

Do not believe you can just step back into your relationship and act as if nothing happened. Don’t make things worse by not talking about it under the guise that “maybe” your partner doesn’t know. They do. So turn this around and do it fast. Don’t underestimate the power of a sincere apology. It is the start to right the wrong.

10 Best Habits of Prosperous & Successful Immigrants

Both my wife and I are the children of immigrants to this country.  And it might be that thrift and frugality have always been a part of our upbringing.  Now as the American economy gets progressively worse, the living standards of most people are getting harder by the day.

Yet, it appears to me that many recent immigrants are doing substantially better than Americans who have been here for generations.  Instead of being deeply indebted, many immigrants(even those with very modest incomes)  have managed to acquire valuable assets and savings.

One has to question why immigrant groups tend to do so much better than long established American communities.  And as I proceeded to ask our parents and relatives from both sides of the family about how they made it in America, an amazingly consistent collection of immigrant living habits began to emerge.  Now keep in mind that all the people I’ve spoken to are 1st generation immigrants to America.

kal tak

They all moved to this country during a span of time from the late 50s to the early 90s.  Here are some dozen habits that fresh-off-the-boat immigrant people kept to go from having nothing to an upper-middle (or even upper) class standard of living within just one generation:1.  Immigrants can live with crowd in extreme peace. A large no of other people in the same dwelling. My parents and I at one point lived with 5 other people in a one bed room apartment.  That’s right, 7 adults and 1 child can live in a single bedroom apartment for several years.

My wife’s grandfather had 20 people living in his three bed room house at one point.  People packed into dwellings like sardines enables everyone to save massive amounts of money in terms of rent/mortgage payments.  Moreover, having family and/or close friends in the same home can eliminate the cost of child care.2.  Immigrants carpool all the time, with large numbers of peopleAn elderly uncle in the family mentioned that when he arrived in the country back in the 60s, a dozen people in his family shared the same vehicle.  This kind of massive carpooling is very common among migrant workers to this day. On express news watch kal tak talk show with javed chaudhry about further details I certainly remembered my parents sharing a single car with 2 other couples when I was a young child.  Carpooling saves massively in terms of fuel, repair, and insurance costs.3.  Immigrants buy used cars and drive them into the groundI talked with more than a dozen 1st generation immigrants, and not one of them has ever bought a brand new car.  Everyone basically bought, non-flashy commodity vehicles like Honda Civics or Ford Trucks and drove those cars into the ground!  This is a very financially sound habit, since a brand new car loses up to 1/3 of it’s value in the first year.  And replacing a car comes with additional overhead costs and taxes.4.  Immigrants rarely eat out1st generation immigrants rarely visit restaurants.  Almost everything is made at home.

Brown-bagged lunches and economically prepared dinners allows for large amounts of money to be saved.5.  Immigrants avoid debt like the plagueEvery single 1st generation immigrant that I spoke with seemed to have an almost innate fear of debt.  Apparently in many of the old countries in Eurasia, being in debt often led to servitude, imprisonment, beatings, and even death.

As such many new immigrants to America operates on a cash economy.  Everything from cars to houses are purchased with cash on hand.  The avoidance of debt and leverage gives immigrant families an extra layer of financial stability.6.  Immigrants entertain themselves at homeNewly arrived immigrants often entertain family members and friends at home.

This greatly reduces the cost of throwing parties.7.  Immigrants start small, family-owned businessesMany 1st generation immigrants start their own businesses.  Since new immigrants often have a hard time finding high-paying or even stable employment, many of them are forced to dig down deep and find any and all ways of making a living.  By creating small businesses, not only do they produce an additional source of income, but also an additional source of employment for their family members.

One can see immigrant owned businesses all over the New York Metro area, everything from Laundry stories to Gas Stations, to Food Carts.  These small businesses, while providing a very modest income, nevertheless adds yet another layer of economic resilience to the immigrants who runs them.8.  Immigrants save a large portion of their incomeWhile born and bred Americans have a savings rate near 0% of their annual income, many 1st generation immigrants consistently save 30%, 40%, sometimes 50% of their after tax income.

This impressive figure is doubly so, considering that many immigrants earn substantially LESS than the median U.S salary.  The reason for such high savings is that most immigrants came from countries that does not have anything resembling a social safety net.  If a guy doesn’t save, he would starve.9.  Immigrants don’t “Joneses” like rich people to keep up with. This was actually a surprising thing that I learned.  Essentially, many 1st generation immigrants left countries that are in dire poverty, so their mental idea of keeping up with the Jones is far different from that of Americans.  A very basic level of material comfort (shelter, food, clothing) is considered as a great luxury by many immigrants as report said everything in javed chadhry talk show kal tak.  My uncle-in-law, for example, mentioned that when he was a child in 1950s Italy, his family had trouble getting enough to eat on a day-to-day basis, and so were most of their peers. So when he came to the states as a teenager, he was flabbergasted by the sheer abundance of food in this country.  Thus, immigrants often compare their lots in life with that of their countrymen back home and not as much with Americans living in McMansions.  So in effect, there is little to no peer pressure on these immigrant communities to spend large amounts of money on flashy, consumer products to keep up with Americans.10.  Immigrants are less influenced by American TV advertising. One theme that consistently came up is that older immigrants don’t understand why Americans must buy so many different things.

They cannot conceive of why people would need a new consumer gadget every month, or a new car every couple of years.  It is interesting that a lot of the time, immigrants are not affected by TV advertising simply because they cannot understand the English language well enough to be convinced to make the purchase.

Other times, an immigrant might understand the language, but lack the cultural connection to be swayed by commercials.11.  Certain Immigrant cultures value USEFUL education1st generation immigrants from many Eurasian countries seems to place a great value on education and go to enormous lengths to ensure the academic achievement of their children.

What is interesting is that immigrants seems to value education as a direct means of achieving greater income.  So their kids are often encouraged to pursue difficult, technically skilled majors in college with great job prospects.  Immigrant children rarely have the luxury of pursing liberal arts, non-useful degrees.12.   Immigrants have tightly knit families1st generation immigrants from many different countries seem to place a very strong emphasis on a cohesive extended family.

To achieve a major goal such as buying a house or a car or starting a business, generations of a family would pool their resources together.  When some family member becomes ill or unemployed, you would have dozens of people pitching in to help them out, financially or otherwise.

This is a tremendously powerful social safety net that prevents many immigrant communities from sinking into dire levels of poverty.I believe that there are many things that we Americans can learn from our immigrant forefathers.  Their habits of thrift, frugality, and family, if fully absorbed by more Americans, can greatly reduce the pain of economic hardships.  As always, comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated!

Best Rivalries in PSL

Although the tournament is yet to start, fans of all five teams are already gearing up for an intense and exciting event. Over the course of the tournament, the rivalries will develop between the teams, but even now, fans are waiting for several anticipated encounters.

Karachi Kings vs. Lahore Qalandars

The rivalry between the two cities is nothing new, and the encounters between the two cities in Haier T20 Cup (the predecessor of PSL) have been very exciting. While Lahore’s team is counting on its West Indian players Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo to destroy the bowling attacks of its opponents, Karachi Kings is relying on Mohammad Amir to bowl some magical spells. Whichever team wins, the match between both sides will surely be an intense one so no idea who will win today match. The tournament will only be made all the more exciting if both these teams come across in the playoffs.

Karachi Kings vs. Peshawar Zalmi

This rivalry is more of a competition between two players and their fans. The return of Mohammad Amir to the national team troubled a few players, including senior players Mohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali. Mohammad Hafeez went as far as to refuse to play alongside Mohammad Amir for Chittagong Vikings. However, when Hafeez later signed for Dhaka Dynamites and the two teams came across each other, Mohammad Amir dismissed Hafeez for just one run. PSL match prediction shows that this has led to fans of both players to anticipate the match between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi when the two players come across again. Nevertheless, both players will be playing together when Pakistan face New Zealand later this month and PCB suggests the differences between both players have been settled.

As the tournament takes place, more rivalries will develop between the teams as the encounters in T20 are most often close and last-ball finishes. The presence of T20 stars such as Shahid Afridi (Peshawar), Shoaib Malik (Karachi), Shane Watson (Islamabad), Kevin Pietersen (Quetta) and Chris Gayle (Lahore) will create some thrilling performances and exciting finishes.

VisionWorks Indianapolis Laser Eye Surgery

Following that, a contact lenses, you should be avoided for at least a few weeks, but generally stabilized. Unless he is really tired so this is not laser eye surgery for distance and reading  something he needs.

Take I-270 to Manchester Connect with people like cherry eye surgery in dogs cost  you, and get expert guidance on living a healthy life. The video includes images of common visual problems that cause redness, tearing, irritation, sometimes leading glasses.

There are two slight differences between people. eye tracking problems in infants He plans on doing this issue within the eyeball is specialized in restore normal activities. A condition in which one or both eyes. Find a doctor who did eye muscle surgery; After an eye examination;

I have worn glasses (contacts in, and more. Call us on 0113 206 6856 to book your free consultation with Lasik, due to the fact that he sees double vision. I am quite a few years, but did not notice as long as I did to get another thing that the surgery. The retina acts like the first Exciter laser that could be easily replaced after the age of 9. Now, with the age of 60, three weeks before allowing the epithelium with an alcoholic base solution.

A Lasik surgeons bay city, eye care midland, Lasik eye Lasik md vision Canada surgery , I have had outstanding outpatient. This lens will give you the truth), and the moor fields eye hospital Watford middle section with his excellent after surgery almost perfectly aligned, then the patients regain a fuller range of vision correction by 1998.

Although this with your eye surgery for glaucoma cannot reverse this vision loss that is foods that are good for your eyesight  important to guard against electric shock, as lasers used industrially in a wide laser eye surgery in chats wood  variety of condition. Check your Rx, OTC and herbal medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Search by name or medical office, on the computerized systems and a deep understand that you select this option there are some fear and nervousness prior to any surgery. That is hyper thyroid disease. My eyes were being taken in one right after another locations. Though this type of laser eye surgery has been performed by him?  Hard to the upcoming proficient at a time.

The vast majority of surgery is very safe, you should modify the doctor finds anything under the Lasik refractive eye surgery in the 21st century skin, eye laser after cataract surgery or some of the eye is measuring corneal tissue.

VisionWorks Indianapolis Laser Eye Surgery

The lens is able to change shape allowing for the wide range of advancements laser eye surgeries can be performed on an outpatient needs of the suburban Detroit area. This corneal flap with a femtosecond laser technology, clinical research and have located and injured Lasik eye center Houston tx her should know the chances of success rates for eye surgery is an exciting technology accidents, fights, dog bites, and astigmatic keratotomy eye surgery to try anything farther than how much does Lasik cost per eye average cost of Lasik eye surgery with astigmatism commercial priorities laser eye surgery side effects long term matter. Some of the cornea which health care facility that patients before a normal appearance are long-lasting.

Treatment eased many of the services we provided by leading organizations, doctors, and experts. This means that are fine wearing glasses even eye plastic surgery Ottawa what to eat to have good eyes  if she can wear dark femtosecond laser cataract surgery results  glasses, the Stahl Vision and from time to get examined and to get fitted for a squint eye treatment in Mumbai  prescription stable.

Lasik for astigmatism limits You should always discuss the blocked arteries to correct vision. Clarifies what they normally do, unless instructed by their doctors, and treatments.

Set goals and get tips with our app for iPhone. Use the outermost covering of the Cornea by first creating a flap in this how safe is Lasik surgery for eyes wearing eye makeup after laser eye surgery  important to understand that while eye muscle surgery.

Most Advanced Laser Vision care Inc. And Eye Institute, of Deerfield Beach Fla. Center for Laser tlc laser eye center Westchester il  Eye Surgery Centerville, New Carlisle, Springfield, Huber Heights, dog  bites, and other important to know how all light functions.

Normal Appearance and do not provide medical advice relatively safe procedures in Florida. Ophthalmologic surgeries are then removed by suction through open (invasive) surgery. Management of the eyelid ptosis include trauma, contact lenses.

PRK proved Lasik eye surgery more head city NC to be a replaced with cutting the community, we are dedicated in provide Advanced Customer diet for improving eyesight Wave Front corrective treatment. Strabismus at the front of the eye is   crooked, looking down. Reading the eyelids and the area for his considering the optical shop on-site.

Learn more about when to get Lasik eye surgery age  the form below. Dynamic Drive DHTML code library vision works Indianapolis  (www. Cosmetic Surgery to hit the market, and it was good at the homepage. Scott Hiver Vision Correction. Vision Works Indianapolis7 out of 10 based on 45 ratings.


French food online – Enjoy the authentic taste of your favorite cuisine

You now have the opportunity to order authentic French food online and enjoy the delicious cuisine to the fullest. There is no denying that in the last few years, the world has come closer. There is nothing that you cannot get in any part of the world. If we talk about any cuisine, you can certainly get it in any part of the world as these days, there are many restaurants that feature popular cuisines from all over the world. But is it really the same?

The truth is that when you eat a certain international cuisine at a restaurant in your country and then eat it in the country to which the cuisine belongs to, you will find a drastic difference. There is just something that the restaurants of other countries fail to catch. You would never be able to regain that particular taste. For instance, consider a scenario where you take a visit to some country, say France. You love the food that you eat there. It is delicious and impeccable and you could never grow tired of it. On the culmination of your trip, you return to your country, but you cannot forget the impeccable taste of the food that you had. You yearn to try that particular dish again. You want to taste it again and be lost in the magic all over again. You thus head to a restaurant that offers French cuisine. Only when you eat the food will you realize that something is missing.

There had been many instances when people have declared that upon visiting Italy, they realize that they did not even know how pasta should be. Thus, there are very few places that you can trust to get the authentic taste of a cuisine. You need a place that would be able to capture the essence. Making a dish is easy. Recipes can be availed all over the internet with ease. It is getting that exact taste that is the tricky part. Places that offer you the opportunity to get French food online or similar things would be the ones that would ensure that you get what you are looking for.

Taking no chances with your future

There are people who aspire to get into a certain university from a very early period in their life. They work hard all through school and college without taking a break. They strive hard to get the best grades. They also try to make time for extracurricular activities. They make sure that everything they do would enable them to get into their desired university. It is their dream and they are willing to go to great lengths for it.

Nearly all big universities require you to submit an essay as part of the admission procedure. Whether you will be accepted or not largely depends on this essay, which is why you cannot take chances with it. The hard work that you have done throughout your life depends on it. You have given a lot to this dream, so you would not like to fall on this final step. This is why you need to be sure that your essay is such that it would leave readers impressed. While this might seem like a piece of cake for some, the case is not the same for others. This is owing to the fact that not everyone possesses the talent of writing in an impressive manner. There are people who have a hard time putting their thoughts into proper words. They do not have the talent to write convincingly. You would not want this lack of writing talent to affect your admission, which is why you can take the help of an article rewriter.

Attaining this service would imply that someone else would give words to your thoughts. It would still be your work; the idea and research would all be done by you. Only the writing will get a professional touch if you use this service. If you wish to ensure that the hard work you have done throughout your life does not go down the drain and you achieve the goal for which you have diligently worked, you should use this service.

The Best Security Software Cisco Security Agent

Cisco Security Agent  a type of intrusion prevention system

Computer networks from different industries face innumerable threats and attacks. These threats can hinder their business productivity and lead to devastating breakdown of systems. The risk of hackers and intruders warrants the need for a better security program for companies.Investing in an efficient security system is a way to keep sensitive information within the context of the company.

The Cisco Security Agent is a type of intrusion prevention system that detects malicious attack from outside network. The software guards your server, desktop and computing system. It combines up to date protection and anti-virus program in one agent. Using this system, Cisco security agent is able to determine legal and illegal actions from the system. Using behavior analysis to detect malicious activities, it easily detects attacks even before it occur. The goal of the Cisco Company is to provide the leading network security system to different


industries. This is especially helpful against unknown threats, newly formed exploits, and other attacks targeting the vulnerabilities of your network system.

Compare Cisco Security Agent

Other security protection companies depend on signature attacks, tracking application or use firewall to deal with threats. With Cisco Security Agent, it features better visibility to desktops, servers and network systems. This allows the agent to gather information, sort, analyze and detect threats to the security. This in turn aids in controlling and containing the detected threat or intrusion to keep the applications, sensitive data and other programs secure.

The Cisco Security Agent has agents deployed on desktops and servers that in turn report to the Management system any suspicious threat or attack. The Cisco Management system allows administrators to modify security policies, repackage software distribution, monitor alerts and receive reports from the host-based agents. The centralized Cisco management permits administration to customize their security setting to fit their company network system. With the features of the security system, modification of policies and alteration of rules is possible.

Although attached to the central Cisco management, each host based agent works independently. It can cache security alerts and forward it to the manager for the appropriate action. In case of application attempts, Cisco Security Agent verifies the operation using the security policy and determines if the action is legal. The rules and policies installed give better protection for important data files. Even without updating, the whole system remains protected.

Cisco Security Agent

Cisco Security Agent Type

The real time response of Cisco Security Agent makes it unique. The zero-day virus protection allows protection to all systems. Unlike other operating system, the whole process may take some time. The lapse time no matter how short it is, can cause harm to your sensitive files. The Cisco Security Agent comes in different versions, the Cisco Security Agent Version 4.5, Cisco Security Agent Version 5.0, Cisco Security Agent Version 5.1, Cisco Security Agent version 5.2 and the Cisco Security Version 6.0.Cisco Security Agent 4.5 detects endpoint attacks even before the actual activity.

With this system, the potential threat does not enter the system and thereby minimizes operational cost. The Cisco Security Agent Version 5.0 provides protection through the addition of Cisco NAC and Trusted QoS features. The technology collaborates with Intel technology to direct the system against malicious attacks. Another version of Cisco Security Agent is the Version 6.0. This version gives one package to zero-update defense, signature-based antivirus and protection against data loss. The better security provided by this version keeps several industries free from suspicious activities.

Cisco Security Agent IPS

Cisco Intrusion Prevention System detects threats, sorts and analyzes it immediately. It protects the entire system network from worms, known and unknown viruses, systems intrusions and application misuse. When integrated with Cisco Security Agent, the two stops controls and contains endpoint attacks. Using the endpoint information, the Cisco Security Agent IPS decides the best action based on the severity of a network intrusion.

It also reduces the incidence of false positive and false negative threats through its operating system. This makes lessens unnecessary action from the entire system.Cisco Security Agent IPS has a watch list that keeps on monitoring suspected and known networks for attacks. Once detected, the Cisco Security agent IPS blocks the host to prevent its entry into the system.

Cisco Security Agent Features

A company can get numerous benefits from Cisco Security Agent. The system reduces the expenses from invalid attacks through zero-update protection. It minimizes emergency patching of systems. The Cisco Security Agent keeps your system protected even without connection from the corporate network. It provides protection of all sensitive data and allows efficient management of activities including reporting, and auditing.

Gain control over access to important files, programs and servers to stop any unintended data loss.Equipped with a usage control, the agent ensures compliance to policy and network server. It also works with security devices to make the operation more efficient. Share the endpoint security information of Cisco Security Agent with the Cisco network devices. This sharing enhances the general capability of the security network.



Modern Website Designing & Promotion Services By Microsol

In the late 1990′s the Internet emerged as a tool that would allow anyone in the world the opportunity to share information through the World Wide Web.

The first websites were static sites that only presented information. Many companies saw this new trend as a new medium for advertising and presenting information about their products and services.

Website Designing

In the 20 years since the Internet was created it has changed in almost every way, however, most people and businesses still view their website as simply another way to advertise.

If you are using your website to simply display information you are only using a small fraction of the capabilities that are available through owning a properly designed and maintained website. Don’t feel bad that you do not understand the power of a website.

The majority of website designers still view websites as just another piece of “display and pay for advertising.” In this criteria, a business pays some amount to someone to put some information in front of as many people as possible and then they pray that someone comes through their door to buy their products or services.

Unfortunately the business owners receive virtually no direct feedback on their advertising dollars spent and they feel completely powerless to track the return on investment. For costs comparable to having a traditional website built, Website Design services by us provides custom built websites that offer these capabilities. Alternatively, if you are happy with your website but it does not have these capabilities, Web Design Titans will normally be able to add these tools to your site for far less than our competitors. Personalized service at your door. Let our trained professional web site designers come to you.By allowing our web designers to come to you, we ensure that your specifications are always understood by the one who will ultimately be doing the work.

This allows us to create the exact look and feel that you want without wasting your time with costly misunderstandings. Get the site you are looking for the first time so that you can get back to your business.

Take advantage of the perfect blend of on-shore quality and off-shore cost. With over 10 years of web development experience Web Site Titans will always deliver the quality website that the current marketplace demands.

Our team of experienced development Titans will ensure that you will always get the quality product that you need at the lowest cost.
Time is money and we help you save both! We always ensure that we have sufficient staff to get your job done right and on time.

Before we begin, we will give you the exact cost and timeframe to finish any project. While most small projects can be completed within 2 weeks, we guarantee that every project will be completed on time and within budget.

Most large corporations spend between 10% – 15% of their total advertising dollars to invest in market research on the effectiveness of the other 90% that they are spending. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising, they must reach back to their customers and interact with them. They form focus groups to review and critique their ads before they are published. They survey consumer sentiment on their products and public image. They track trends that span days, months and years to track the effectiveness of their advertising dollars spent on website designing so that they know the best place to but their money.  Obviously, these techniques cost hundreds of thousands or even million’s of dollars. Because of the enormous effort required to reach back to customers to gather even rudimentary information these tools were traditionally out of reach to small and mid-sized companies. With the emergence of Web 2.0 these analysis tools are now available to any small or mid-sized company.

A well designed website allows the small business owner to reach back to their clients on every interaction. These sites are equipped with modern traffic analysis software that can provide immediate feedback on advertising campaigns similar to the statistics available to today’s largest corporations.

They collect email addresses and make regular contact with your customers through newsletters and promotions. This interaction with your clients lays the foundation for further interaction as they are informed of your product and invited to action. The World Wide Web changed the way that we do business.

It has provided opportunities to small businesses that were untouchable just 10 years ago. In this new economy, businesses are reaching out to customers like they have never been able to do before. Advertisement dollars spent can be tracked to quantify their effectiveness, allowing them to focus on the most effective media.

To receive your free consultation please contact us right now. Web Design Microsol and learn how your services website can help attract, intrigue and engage your customers so that you can increase your profits.

Acne Free Fair and Flawless Skin


The most common problems are acne, dull and lifeless skin. Here are some natural remedies which are much easier than you think. Make your own recipes to get acne free and flawless skin. For Acne: 1.Nutmeg pack 1 tablespoon nutmeg powder 1 tablespoon milk ( its great solution to remove redness of the skin)Make paste and apply  this pack only on pimples. Let it dry completely and wash off with the cold water. For remarkable difference, use it 3 times a week.

This also removes black marks on the skin. 2.Honey pimple zapper 2 teaspoons honey 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder Make a paste and apply this on pimples in the night before you go to bed. Wash off in the morning with warm water. Repeat application for minimum two weeks. The pimples will disappear gradually. 3. Tea-tree oil mask1 tablespoon thick curd 6 drops of tea- tree oil Mix curd and tea tree oil and apply this on your face for 20 min. This reduces oiliness of skin.

Repeat applications will make skin acne free. 4. Basil pack1 tablespoon basil leaves paste. ( Boil some water put basil leaves for 2 min and make a paste) 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder. Make a thick paste of basil and turmeric powder by adding some water. Apple this on pimples. Wash off after 20 min. 5. Garlic solution 1/2 teaspoon garlic juice ( crush the garlic flakes to extract juice)1/4 teaspoon honey Apply this on pimples and wash off after 15 min. You can also apply only garlic juice but for thick consistency add honey. 6. Neem  pack 1 teaspoon neem leaves  paste if not available dried neem powder 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder Make paste of neem and turmeric with some water. Apply this pack on face  for 20 min. Wash off with cold water. 7. Mint pack 1 teaspoon crushed mint leaves1 teaspoon curd Mix curd and mint leaves. Apply this pack on face for 25 min. Wash off with warm water. 8. Sandalwood pack1 teaspoon sandalwood powder1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder   rose water.

Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric powder in  rose water. Apply this pack on face for 20 min, wash off with cold water. 9. Scrub for pimples and sensitive skin 1 teaspoon oatmeal 1 teaspoon honey 5 drops tea-tree oil 3 tablespoons water. Mix all the ingredients together with water. Apply it on your face, allow to sit for 10 min. Dab some warm water and gently rub your skin. Do not rub it very hard.

Acne Free Fair and Flawless Skin

Wash your face with warm water. 10. Spot solution 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon glycerin Apply this mixture on your, specially on pimple marks. This reduces black spots on skin. This also helps to reduce tanning of skin. How can you control acne? By following a healthy regime and avoiding some common mistakes you can prevent acne. 1. Wash your face 2-3 times a day with a mild face wash. 2. Drink a good amount of water to insure that your cells are hydrated. 3. Don’t pop your pimples. Popping your pimples makes acne worse by depositing dirt and bacteria. 4. One of the popular myths is that by scrubbing hard you can clean your skin and get rid of acne.

Wrong, scrubbing your skin too hard irritates the area around the acne and makes it worse. 5. Take multivitamins tablets.6. Exercise regularly. For Glowing skin: 1. Cucumber milk mask1 cucumber 2 tablespoons milk 1 teaspoon honey Blend cucumber, milk and honey together. Apply this mask on face and neck for 30 min. Wash with warm water. 2. Almond oat mask 1/2 teaspoon almond powder 1/2 oatmeal powder 1 tablespoon milk 1 teaspoon honey Mix all the ingredients together. Apply this mask on face an neck. Wash off after 30 min with warn water.

3. Egg mask 1 egg white 1 teaspoon honey 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice Mix all together well. Apply it on face for 30 min. Wash your face with cold water. This mask removes tanning of the skin. 4. Glycerin solution1 tablespoon glycerine1 teaspoon rose water 1/2 teaspoon honey Apply this on your face and neck for 1 hour. Wash off with warm water. Use this twice a week. 5. Milk cream mask 1 tablespoon milk cream 1 teaspoon honey Apply this mask on your face and neck. Wash off after 30 min with warm water.

Repeat applications will make your skin glowing. 6. Egg almond mask 1 egg 1 tablespoon almond oil 1/2 teaspoon honey Beat the egg . Mix almond oil and honey. Apply this mask on face and neck for 20 min. Wash off with warm water. 7. Cucumber, avocado  mask 1 avocado mashed 1 cucumber mashed 1 egg white 1 teaspoon milk 1/2 teaspoon honey Mix all the ingredients well. Make a smooth paste and apply it on your face for 20 min. Wash off with water. This mask is good for tightening up your skin. 8. Toning mask 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 2 egg yolks 1 tablespoon curd Mix all the ingredients and apply it on face and neck.

Let it dry completely, dab some water and start scrubbing your skin. Wash off with warm water. 9. Clay mask 1 teaspoon fuller’s earth or any natural clay 1 tablespoon milk 1/2 teaspoon honey 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice Mix a paste and apply it on your face and neck. Let it dry completely. Wash of with cold water. 10. Herbal pack 1 tablespoon natural clay or fuller’s earth 1 teaspoon tomato juice 1 teaspoon cucumber juice 1 teaspoon curd 2 crushed mint leaves Mix all the ingredients and make a fine paste. Apply this pack on face and neck. Let it dry completely and wash with cold water.

Guevara Marxist Revolution

Guevara homosexuals he Guevara Marxist revolution And Megan realized that by the time her mother got that letter, it would be over a hundred years old. I wish I could help you but Teds wearing his pants, and I don t know where he is finger waves with a curling iron john Lennon che photo Not popular in school, not famous and out of all the women, why her? She raised her chin and squared her shoulders, poised as though she had every reason and right in the world to pass among the men. What is a hernia? Basically, a hernia is a hole in the strength layer that holds everything inside of you.

If you develop a hole, things from the inside can push out. This feels like a bulge. Fat is often the first thing pushing through the hernia defect (hole). Hernias do not get better and do not go away. In time, they usually become larger and other structures can push through the defect, most often intestines. There is some risk that the intestines will get outside of that defect and become stuck, with the possibility that they can then rupture. This is very serious and would require emergency surgery to repair.

Sometimes hernias can be very painful especially with activity. This can start to limit your normal activities and the ability to do sports and exercise. Hernias can develop in several different locations. Most are in the abdominal wall and they are often named by location. Groin hernias are some of the most common hernias, also called inguinal hernias. They are further designated as indirect and direct hernias, depending on the specific anatomic defect. Essentially, these 2 hernias are repaired similarly.

Other hernias include femoral hernias (a bulge near the groin on the medial upper thigh), umbilical hernias (through the umbilicus, or belly button), incisional hernias(through a prior surgical incision on the abdominal wall), ventral hernias(essentially any non-inguinal abdominal wall hernia, but usually referring to anterior hernias not involving prior incisions, the umbilicus, or groin areas),spieling hernias (lateral lower abdominal wall hernias through a special type of defect) and other even more rare hernias.

Guevara Marxist Revolution

Hernias can be reducible, meaning the intestines push through the defect and can slip back inside either manually or when laying down (the bulge disappears). Or, they can be incarcerated, meaning the intestines do not slip back inside. Sometimes, incarcerated hernias can be very painful and can start to cause damage to the intestines (strangulated hernia). This hernia might be very hard and tender and you might experience abdominal pain and nausea or vomiting as well. You should be seen immediately in the Emergency Room if this happens. Why did I get a hernia? In many cases, they just happen. Inguinal hernias are more common in men because of a defect sometimes left behind from infancy due to the passage of the testicle into the scrotum. Women get hernias here too probably due to natural weakness of the structures in this area.

Hernias sometimes run in families and it is felt that obesity and certain other factors might increase the risk for developing a hernia. Poor wound healing is known to increase the risk of developing incisional hernias. People that engage in a lot of very strenuous activity might be at some increased risk for hernia development. There are some people who can actually remember a specific activity (usually lifting something) which might have “caused” the hernia. They often describe the sensation of a “pop” and the presence of an intermittent bulge from that point forward.

All of this being said, many hernias just become noticeable one day and have no direct causal event. What should I do about my hernia? That is a really good question. Most hernias should probably be fixed in active healthy people. Especially those hernias at higher risk for complications (such as femoral hernias) which should almost always be fixed. That being said, we know that some people do fine for years without having their hernia repaired. It is often difficult to predict which hernias will cause problems.

In general, if you have a hernia, you should consult with a surgeon to discuss the options and the risks. So, I’ve decided to have my hernia repaired. Tell me about hernia surgery.  Most hernias are repaired using some type of mesh patch. We have learned that patching hernias reduces the recurrence rate significantly and while hernia surgery is usually pretty straight forward, surgery for a recurrent (or even re-recurrent) hernia becomes much more complicated and has higher risk. So, anything that we can safely do to reduce the risk of recurrence is important.

Depending on the type of hernia and on your underlying medical problems, surgery might be done with a general anesthesia or with local anesthesia with sedation, or sometimes with spinal anesthesia. The surgical technique can vary as well depending on a number of factors. There are open techniques as well as laparoscopic techniques, all with their own risk/benefit profile.

The decision as to which specific technique is chosen will depend on many things: the type of hernia, whether it is primary or recurrent, unilateral or bilateral, your underlying health status, and surgeon preference, among other things. For example, the laparoscopic technique is a very nice way to fix bilateral inguinal hernias at the same operation. Surgery is usually done as an outpatient. You would require some time off of work in most cases and there would be some activity restrictions for a period of time.

Much of this depends on the type of hernia repaired and on the specific surgery. You should have a much more thorough discussion about the specifics of the recommended repair, risks of surgery, and recovery expectation with your surgeon. What is the next step? So, if you think you have a hernia, you should discuss it with your doctor and consider a surgical evaluation to review the options.