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Dubai as a Tourist Destination

Dubai has transformed itself from being a shopping hub to a perfect destination for sightseeing, relaxation, and adventure for tourists. Dubai also holds immense cultural and historical significance. It has adopted modern architecture very rapidly. It is a rich oil exporting country because of which it has become a business hub for the Middle East. After choosing this amazing tourist spot, there are some places that you must visit to have a memorable experience that you will cherish every time you hear its name.

One such place is Burj Khalifa, which serves as a beacon for the city of Dubai. It is one of the tallest man-made buildings in the world located in downtown Dubai. A breathtaking view from the observation deck at 124th floor can make you awestruck. Words fail to describe the mesmerizing city skyline. Nighttime sees a particularly attractive view. Burj Khalifa is also called the jewel of Dubai. It has the second largest outdoor observation deck in the world. The tower is also home to the most exclusive hotels, shopping centers, houses and workplaces in the world.

One place you would not want to miss out on is an evening at Dubai desert safari. Different companies promise you a pleasant experience because of the place itself.  Some cultural experiences that you must try while visiting desert safari are camel ride, photographing opportunity in Arab costumes, smoking shisha, and henna designing. You can further add value to your experience at Dubai desert safari by a 15-minute quad biking and sandboarding session.

When visiting Dubai, one cannot miss out the opportunity to visit a really unique place. I’m talking about Burj Al Arab, one of the tallest buildings in the world. It is one of the most expensive hotels around the world. People who can afford to live in this hotel can experience dinner at the underwater Al Mahara restaurant or book an afternoon high tea at the Skyview Bar, which provides a panoramic view of the city. It is the most photographed hotel around the world.

Sephora Brushes Review

I was sent these brushes for review by Sephora and provide you with an honest review and I determined just to do it. The primary reason behind that is these brushes are faux that is 100%!

I had used some Hakuhodo brushes before I started littering my make-up range of harshness. Hakuhodo did say they were “cruelty-free”, but they were made from animal hair. They’re additionally the softest, most luxurious brushes I possessed. However, I’ve ceased buying brushes made from animal hair years past. There’s no mean of understanding what degree of pain, and its gross income if you ask me now and torment the creature has gone through. When purchasing your makeup brushes, please keep this in your mind also.

Hakuhodo and Sephora have only collaborated to start this line of 5 high-quality synthetic brushes which are made in Japan. There are a lot of low-cost faux brushes out there, but high-quality ones? Not much. Or for those that won’t give up brushes made from animal hair or can’t, this can be an excellent animal-free option.

I’ll give a review of each brush to you, then tell my ideas to you.



An ideal complexion brush that also can be used for bronzing and contour. This substantially pointed silhouette that is progressive is amazing to use a total coverage product. This brush has an unusual angle that helps in precision, providing you with more control in use.


New, form and advanced angled powder contour designed to sculpt the face to give control to you when applying makeup. A setting that is great perfect for light coverage and powder brush.



The best highlighter brush due to the reducing formation that can help you and particular regions of the face embrace. This brush works best with powder products, providing you with buildable coverage layers, and seamless blending.



The ideal multitasker that doubles as a highlighter brush due to the most slender form that helps you and an angled concealer and particular regions of the face embrace. This brush works best with powder products, providing you with buildable coverage layers, and seamless blending.

My opinions

You won’t find several of those contours everywhere else.

Each of these brushes is meant for powder products. They mix just together with natural hair and pick up merchandise.

As you likely found the packaging is fantastic! Each brush comes in an excellent hardy carton, where it’s kept snugly in position and shielded by a plastic film.

The brushes are not as hard as it is possible to get, and compact. They feel just artificial, like Hakuhodo powder brushes. I’d give an 8 to these.

If purchasing brushes are significant to you, personally these brushes are an excellent investment. For powder brushes that are artificial, they’re around as high quality as you’ll be able to get!

The costs do run high, and I consider they’d if the packaging wasn’t as Lux be high. That’s twice the cost of these brushes, which sets things into perspective.

This set keeps Hakuhodo’s artisanal vibe and has some amazing unique contours. The brushes perform nicely: they mix powder than every other artificial brush and feel super soft. These all brushes can be purchased from Sephora online or near shop, you can use your Sephora gift card as well.

Online websites: best platform for both customers and businesses

Websites are now essential for a business whether it is small enterprise or multinational organization. Websites provides users an easy platform to connect with your business. If we take serious look around we will surely discover that the business enterprises or organizations that have website, their products are well known in people. Because everyone use internet and if a person is looking for something related to your company’s product or service; he/ she will surely find your website. If someone doesn’t specifically about your business website, they can go to it by any search engine. You may be aware of this term. If you don’t know that, then you may have heard about Google; Google is search engine. It serves as internet directory. If you search for something, it will show you websites which have that thing on them. There are many other search engines; like Bing Yahoo, Hotmail etc. which also help users in finding appropriate websites regarding their concerns. Thus your business gets free promotion in the community. That will surely boast your business profits. You will get rid of heavy amount spend on advertisement if you have s fully functional attractive and easy to use website platform.

Customers also have a great benefit with websites. They have ease to do things, they can stay away from the filled with traffic rushed roads, hectic market environment and undesirable weather conditions. Users also take benefit such that they can check out entire products features. They can also find reviews about that website or that product by different users. Online websites are also removing distances and letting us to shop from far away countries. With online websites you can shop from any brand of any country just by sitting at your home. And it gets pleasant when you are far away from home and want something from country. For example south Asian people who use satellite TV service “Dish TV” in Gulf countries need Dish TV Recharge to use this service. They can easily get Dish TV Recharge from online websites.  From websites you can also pay bills of any service you are using like telephone, internet, electricity or any other. Online websites are best solution for checking account details by not going into the company branch, for example you can check your bank account details on your online internet account. Another big advantage of online website for customers is that you may get lower price of that product not by bargaining or wondering around in market. You can get it by looking for another company’s website offering same product. If you could not get lower price, you may get same product with more features in same price. SO don’t stay away from using website; whether you are business person or customer.

Plagiarism checking website

By definition, plagiarism means “copying someone else’s work without giving them the due credit”.

This may seem like a mistake but is, in fact, a severe crime. Not only are you taking away the hard work and efforts of a writer, but you are also causing trouble for the people keeping a check on the content. Bloggers and online writers also have a tough time dealing with plagiarism. Freelance business owners have a serious issue dealing with plagiarism as the work is done under their company’s name, and it is entirely their reputation on the line.

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But there can be an even easier way out. That is to hire renowned and professional writers to save you from the trouble of checking content.

The Philosophy Of Mother’s Day

Wishing everyone out there a happy mothers day. Yes, the mothers day is about to arrive, pals. For all the lucky people out there with there beautiful mothers its about time that you start planning on making this upcoming mothers day special for her. Begin this mothers day with saying that you love your mother and greeting her with love and special Mothers day Wishes.  Mother, the most important person of our life, who holds a special significance and place in our hearts, whose name gives our troubled mind a soothing effect, whose very presence calms your mind and make us think that this world is a better place. All these feelings a mother invoke in you are wholly, fully and completely justified. Why won’t they be!

Mothers, for every person out there, either rich or poor, powerful or weak, black or white, beautiful or ugly are same. A mother is a mother for everyone. Her very presence is craved by rich or poor equally. You wont see a man out there who just because has climbed ladders of success feels less need for a mother. No its never that. Every single person loves his/her mother in their own way. She is the only personality who is loved by everyone across the globe.

A mother is one powerful, serene, peaceful and a beautiful person. The love she has for her children is simply pure, beautiful and amazing and its installed within the children by Allah Almighty to love her back. It’s a beautiful connection made by the God. This beautiful connection forms when a child is in his mothers womb, he gets used to the voice of his mother and then eventually when he is born he craves for the only person that is, his mother. He only finds comfort and solace in her arms and that’s exactly what a mother gives her child, comfort from her presence. Whenever a child is in despair or sadness he turn towards his mother for support and love. When happy he needs his mother to smile at him and encourage him to do more. He always wants to share his happiness and success with his mother. Because its our mothers who made us truly capable to be the successful person that we are now. It was she who gave us courage and determination to win against all odds. It was she who made us strong enough to fight all opposing forces and its was she who taught us the confidence to face the world with a brave smile plastered on our face. It was her love http://www.usmothersday.com which made us powerful enough to handle the world with iron hand. This is the reason why children turn towards their mother in tines of success and failure both.

Mothers when they grow old need their children to love them back and to support and hold her when she falls. She needs them to give her the courage to live and be strong in face of all hardships. That’s the least we can do to pay our mothers back.

Nordstrom And Target Store Buys On Special Occasions Is Interesting

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An Honest Review of Fat Diminisher System eBook

loosing weight is the biggest wish of every fat person. The person suffering from obesity and over weight feelings cannot live his life at full. he cannot enjoy each and every beautiful moment in his or her life just because he or she is fat and other people around hi, or her are more good looking them him or her.

The population of the world has been increased a lot and there are millions of people in each country of the world who are suffering from this problem and the problem is rising day by day. More and more people are becoming victim of it because of various delicious foods they eat on daily basis. And these foods are the major cause of their bad looks which are due to the extra fat around their body.

fat diminisher system

There are billions of ways and techniques which claim to be the best treatment or solution of this weird problem. But the truth is that these all techniques and their makes are only making the innocent people fool. They are here in order to make money with fake products and techniques which are nothing except a big waste of time and their hard earned money. The very few people know that natural techniques like explained in fat diminisher system ebook review can help of them a lot in gaining positive results in just few weeks without any side effect and without loosing their hard earned money on fake profucts which are available in the market and have no benefits. They are destroying the health of people and the problem is rising on daily basis which is need to be overcome as soon as possible.

I was also the victim of obesity because of my sitting routine. I tried thousands of treatments, fake products and techniques to recover my good looks destroyed by extra fat. But the end result after too much struggle was zero. All this situation made me more confused and shy person.

I was gaining more weight instead of getting rid of it. More and more extra fat was destroying my good looks and this was the biggest tension of my life. I was helpless and disappointed because nothing was working for me and all my time and money went in vain. I became hopeless and i have lost all my hopes of getting rid of this problem.

Then while searching about weight loss on the internet i came to this fatdiminishersystemreviewpdf.com and found that the product was very much popular on the internet so i made up my mind to try this out. So without wasting any extra time and money on fake techniques i started using this product

So after just few weeks i started noticing clear changes in my body looks and all that annoying fat was going. Because all the techniques explained in this ebook are geniune and natural so there is a win win situation. I would recommend this revolutionary fat burning product to everyone who is suffering from obesity. In just few week you will notice positive results and all the extra fat around your body will be removed.

Thе Grant Culture in Wales

Security Finance Today, wе finally gеt аn admittance frοm thе CBI whісh supports thе claims, mаdе οn thіѕ blog last week, thаt thе grant culture іn Wales hаѕ nοt еndеd. In thе Western Mail today, іtѕ director fοr Wales, David Rosser suggests thаt nοt οnlу wіll WAG continue tο wіth grant aid fοr inward investors, bυt thаt thеrе іѕ nothing wrοng іn supporting large firms over small companies іn Wales.

Aѕ hе notes,“Thе inward investment market hаѕ іtѕ οwn rules whісh wе саnnοt rewrite here іn Wales. If wе wish tο participate іn thіѕ market wе hаνе tο play bу thеѕе rules, аnd thаt means financial inducements tο attract footloose investment. Wе саn сеrtаіnlу dесіdе thаt іf wе аrе moving away frοm grant aid thеn thіѕ ѕhουld аlѕο apply tο inward investors, bυt wе mυѕt accept Wales’ intrinsic attractions аrе nοt уеt sufficient tο bring іn thеѕе companies without inducement. Wе mау gеt thеrе, bυt wе аrе nοt thеrе уеt.

And іf wе opt out οf grant aid fοr inward investors thеn wе hаd betternet understand thаt wе wіll see a steady stream οf disinvestment bу companies thаt wеrе attracted here under thе οld rules. Thе CBI іѕ сеrtаіnlу nοt advocating аn economic policy based solely οn inward investment bυt tο rule ourselves out wουld leave ѕοmе раrtѕ οf Wales highly vulnerable.

Offering grants tο foreign companies, bυt nοt tο indigenous businesses, sounds unfair bυt іt іѕ logical аnd defensible. And fοr SMEs thеу offer a customer base. At thе CBI Wales council meeting last Friday thе position wаѕ summed up nicely bу one οf mу small company members thіѕ way: “I саn’t build mу business οnlу selling tο οthеr SMEs, I need bіg companies ѕο I саn grow bу gaining lаrgеr contracts”.I hаνе enormous respect fοr David аnd hіѕ role аt thе CBI, whісh hаѕ grown more influential under hіѕ tenure.

Hοwеνеr, іn mаkіng such a statement today, hе hаѕ demonstrated thаt thе CBI саn nο longer call itself thе voice οf Welsh business.It іѕ nοt a matter οf bіg οr small companies, indigenous οr inward investors. Thе CBI ѕhουld bе representing аll οf thеm equally аnd уеt thеѕе comments suggest, аѕ many hаνе suspected, thаt indigenous Welsh companies аrе οf lіttlе interest tο a CBI whose council іѕ predominantly mаdе up οf large employers.

Overall, thе CBI seems tο bе hарру wіth WAG’s аррrοасh whісh places “less emphasis οn directly helping individual companies” bυt clearly οnlу іf thаt company іѕ nοt аn inward investor wanting taxpayers money tο relocate οr expand іn Wales.Bυt whаt іѕ fаѕсіnаtіng іѕ thаt thіѕ statement, whісh seems tο bе defending WAG, destroys thе message thаt hаѕ emanated frοm WAG over thе last few months.

Lеt mе remind уου οf a few:“Thе business grant culture οf thе Welsh economy over thе past 30 years іѕ over, thе assembly government hаѕ ѕаіd”. BBC Wales,  5th July 2010“First Minister Carwyn Jones criticises foreign firms whο locate іn Wales tο benefit frοm Government grants” Wales Online, July 15th“Plaid Cymru hаѕ long argued thаt small businesses аrе thе lifeblood οf thе Welsh economy аnd thаt town centres аrе thе heart οf ουr communities.

Now thаt Wales іѕ coming out οf thе economic crisis, Plaid leader аnd Economy Minister, Ieuan Wyn Jones hаѕ launched thе Economic Renewal Programme whісh wіll see significant investment іn infrastructure аnd a mονе away frοm thе traditional grant culture fοr bіg business tο a culture οf investment . Thіѕ wіll benefit аll areas аnd аll types аnd sizes οf business.”Nerys Evans AM, Plaid Cymru Director οf Policy, 16th July 2010.

Given thіѕ, уου wουld hаνе thουght wе wеrе іn fοr a major radical overhaul οf business grants іn Wales  аnd those nasty bіg companies, such аѕ Bosch, wουld nο longer bе getting access tο Welsh taxpayers funding. Yеt, іt wουld seem thаt thе οnlу thing thаt hasn’t changed іn thе Economic Renewal Programme іѕ thе continuous subservience οf WAG tο large foreign companies.If wе examine a recent request fοr statistics οn Welsh government grants, wе find thаt four companies hаνе bееn offered over £50 million οf grants ѕіnсе 2008.

Thеѕе wеrе Airbus UK Ltd (£14.8 million), Ford Motor Co Ltd (£13.4 million), Toyoda Gosei (£13 million) аnd Doncasters Precision Castings (£11 million).Thе real irony аbουt Toyoda Gosei wаѕ thаt thе offer, уеt tο bе taken up, wаѕ mаdе οn November 24th 2009, a full month аftеr Ieuan Wyn Jones first indicated thаt thе “Grant culture wаѕ over” If Wales іѕ tο succeed, thеn іt needs tο support both large аnd small companies  like securityprojekt.com аnd whаt thе CBI аnd others hаνе failed tο appreciate іѕ thаt a £500,000 grant tο 100 small growing Welsh firms саn bе аѕ effective аѕ a £50 million grant tο a four large inward investors.

Indeed, аn independent report frοm thе London School οf Economics аnd commissioned bу WAG ѕhοwеd thаt grants wеrе far more effective within smaller firms, whісh begs thе qυеѕtіοn whу WAG wіll continue tο offer grants οnlу tο bіggеr companies?Clearly, іt іѕ nοt thе business grant culture thаt needs tο change іn Wales bυt thе mentality οf senior civil servants аnd organisations such аѕ thе CBI whісh аrе clearly biased against supporting entrepreneurs аnd developing thе small firm sector іn Wales.  Unless thаt changes, thеn ουr economy wіll continue tο bе thе poorest іn thе UK.

10 Best Habits of Prosperous & Successful Immigrants

Both my wife and I are the children of immigrants to this country.  And it might be that thrift and frugality have always been a part of our upbringing.  Now as the American economy gets progressively worse, the living standards of most people are getting harder by the day.

Yet, it appears to me that many recent immigrants are doing substantially better than Americans who have been here for generations.  Instead of being deeply indebted, many immigrants(even those with very modest incomes)  have managed to acquire valuable assets and savings.

One has to question why immigrant groups tend to do so much better than long established American communities.  And as I proceeded to ask our parents and relatives from both sides of the family about how they made it in America, an amazingly consistent collection of immigrant living habits began to emerge.  Now keep in mind that all the people I’ve spoken to are 1st generation immigrants to America.

kal tak

They all moved to this country during a span of time from the late 50s to the early 90s.  Here are some dozen habits that fresh-off-the-boat immigrant people kept to go from having nothing to an upper-middle (or even upper) class standard of living within just one generation:1.  Immigrants can live with crowd in extreme peace. A large no of other people in the same dwelling. My parents and I at one point lived with 5 other people in a one bed room apartment.  That’s right, 7 adults and 1 child can live in a single bedroom apartment for several years.

My wife’s grandfather had 20 people living in his three bed room house at one point.  People packed into dwellings like sardines enables everyone to save massive amounts of money in terms of rent/mortgage payments.  Moreover, having family and/or close friends in the same home can eliminate the cost of child care.2.  Immigrants carpool all the time, with large numbers of peopleAn elderly uncle in the family mentioned that when he arrived in the country back in the 60s, a dozen people in his family shared the same vehicle.  This kind of massive carpooling is very common among migrant workers to this day. On express news watch kal tak talk show with javed chaudhry about further details I certainly remembered my parents sharing a single car with 2 other couples when I was a young child.  Carpooling saves massively in terms of fuel, repair, and insurance costs.3.  Immigrants buy used cars and drive them into the groundI talked with more than a dozen 1st generation immigrants, and not one of them has ever bought a brand new car.  Everyone basically bought, non-flashy commodity vehicles like Honda Civics or Ford Trucks and drove those cars into the ground!  This is a very financially sound habit, since a brand new car loses up to 1/3 of it’s value in the first year.  And replacing a car comes with additional overhead costs and taxes.4.  Immigrants rarely eat out1st generation immigrants rarely visit restaurants.  Almost everything is made at home.

Brown-bagged lunches and economically prepared dinners allows for large amounts of money to be saved.5.  Immigrants avoid debt like the plagueEvery single 1st generation immigrant that I spoke with seemed to have an almost innate fear of debt.  Apparently in many of the old countries in Eurasia, being in debt often led to servitude, imprisonment, beatings, and even death.

As such many new immigrants to America operates on a cash economy.  Everything from cars to houses are purchased with cash on hand.  The avoidance of debt and leverage gives immigrant families an extra layer of financial stability.6.  Immigrants entertain themselves at homeNewly arrived immigrants often entertain family members and friends at home.

This greatly reduces the cost of throwing parties.7.  Immigrants start small, family-owned businessesMany 1st generation immigrants start their own businesses.  Since new immigrants often have a hard time finding high-paying or even stable employment, many of them are forced to dig down deep and find any and all ways of making a living.  By creating small businesses, not only do they produce an additional source of income, but also an additional source of employment for their family members.

One can see immigrant owned businesses all over the New York Metro area, everything from Laundry stories to Gas Stations, to Food Carts.  These small businesses, while providing a very modest income, nevertheless adds yet another layer of economic resilience to the immigrants who runs them.8.  Immigrants save a large portion of their incomeWhile born and bred Americans have a savings rate near 0% of their annual income, many 1st generation immigrants consistently save 30%, 40%, sometimes 50% of their after tax income.

This impressive figure is doubly so, considering that many immigrants earn substantially LESS than the median U.S salary.  The reason for such high savings is that most immigrants came from countries that does not have anything resembling a social safety net.  If a guy doesn’t save, he would starve.9.  Immigrants don’t “Joneses” like rich people to keep up with. This was actually a surprising thing that I learned.  Essentially, many 1st generation immigrants left countries that are in dire poverty, so their mental idea of keeping up with the Jones is far different from that of Americans.  A very basic level of material comfort (shelter, food, clothing) is considered as a great luxury by many immigrants as report said everything in javed chadhry talk show kal tak.  My uncle-in-law, for example, mentioned that when he was a child in 1950s Italy, his family had trouble getting enough to eat on a day-to-day basis, and so were most of their peers. So when he came to the states as a teenager, he was flabbergasted by the sheer abundance of food in this country.  Thus, immigrants often compare their lots in life with that of their countrymen back home and not as much with Americans living in McMansions.  So in effect, there is little to no peer pressure on these immigrant communities to spend large amounts of money on flashy, consumer products to keep up with Americans.10.  Immigrants are less influenced by American TV advertising. One theme that consistently came up is that older immigrants don’t understand why Americans must buy so many different things.

They cannot conceive of why people would need a new consumer gadget every month, or a new car every couple of years.  It is interesting that a lot of the time, immigrants are not affected by TV advertising simply because they cannot understand the English language well enough to be convinced to make the purchase.

Other times, an immigrant might understand the language, but lack the cultural connection to be swayed by commercials.11.  Certain Immigrant cultures value USEFUL education1st generation immigrants from many Eurasian countries seems to place a great value on education and go to enormous lengths to ensure the academic achievement of their children.

What is interesting is that immigrants seems to value education as a direct means of achieving greater income.  So their kids are often encouraged to pursue difficult, technically skilled majors in college with great job prospects.  Immigrant children rarely have the luxury of pursing liberal arts, non-useful degrees.12.   Immigrants have tightly knit families1st generation immigrants from many different countries seem to place a very strong emphasis on a cohesive extended family.

To achieve a major goal such as buying a house or a car or starting a business, generations of a family would pool their resources together.  When some family member becomes ill or unemployed, you would have dozens of people pitching in to help them out, financially or otherwise.

This is a tremendously powerful social safety net that prevents many immigrant communities from sinking into dire levels of poverty.I believe that there are many things that we Americans can learn from our immigrant forefathers.  Their habits of thrift, frugality, and family, if fully absorbed by more Americans, can greatly reduce the pain of economic hardships.  As always, comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated!